Plasma Skin Tightening (aka Fibroblast)

Welcome to the world of Plasma SKin tightening (aka Fibroblast)


  Do you have questions about our mentoring program? Do you need help growing your business and adding more services to your repertoire?  Check out what our intensive, Plasma Skin Tightening (aka Fibroblast), 2 day mentoring course has to offer!

our Intensive 2 day mentoring course includes:



-One on one training to give you the confidence you need and best learning experience possible

- Course Dates: We work directly with your schedule. 

-Kit: FDA approved Plasma Plamere Pen & adapters, 50 needles, products for treatment & aftercare

-Manual & Workbook: Valuable information that you can refer back to once you leave the class room

- Practice on non-human objects & live models

Cost of Mentoring & Making Back your investment



 -Cost of Mentoring Course $4275

-Deposit: $1,500.00 to secure your spot. Your deposit is nonrefundable 3 weeks before the training course, however, in the event that you cannot make it to your original training course date you were accepted in, your deposit can be applied to a future training course of your choice.

-Cover your investment in 2-6 Clients!

-Average Treatment Cost $600-$1200

- Average Cost of Materials $10